Tent fashion

Since we left the tropical climes of Broome nearly 6 weeks ago, we have hit some rather challenging weather. Cold nights, close to freezing in my estimation, windy nights, gusting up to 35-40ks and rain both heavy and slow and persistant. I am sure Kathy sometime wonders if she actually left England! Our little tents … More Tent fashion

Tent night life

It was 3:30am, I checked my phone. The pitter patter of canine feet on the ground cover outside the tent had my attention over sleep. The potential owners of the feet ran through my head. It could be a bird although it would have to be a fairly large one. The dogs from the other … More Tent night life

Lake Eyre

And finalIy a bit of internet….here are some updates from our time in Lake Eyre… We arrived in Maree today after stops in Farina, Lyndhurst and the Ochre cliffs for some photos. Campsite is basic with a nice tent site but below average facilities. Was a warm afternoon setting up and the fly nets were … More Lake Eyre