Week 1 in a flash

After smooth sailing on The Spirit of Tasmania, a good nights sleep and then a few nights to get sorted, we parted for our 4wd tag-along tour of the Tasmanian West Coast on Monday 15th January.  The trip, run by Mark from Tasmanian Offroad Adventures covered some of the most technically challenging 4wd tracks for Kath to take on as well as showcasing the awesome beauty of the West Coast. Some of the tracks that Kath skillfully manouvered us through included Balfour, Arthur Pieman, Climies, Montezuma Falls and Sandy Cape. We bush camped for two nights and then stayed at the Zeehan caravan park campground for 2 nights. Each day was full of driving and exploring, ending when we pulled up to make camp around 5pm.  There was sand/beach driving, scrambling over rocks, creek and river crossings, large mud puddles, trees, pademelons, birds and even a tassie devil at our first campsite that only one of our group saw and photographed,  an overall immersive experience of this stunning part of Australia.

Breakfast with a view at CorinnaRockclimbing on 4 wheels

We took plenty of photos,chatted around the campfire and had a great tour with our fellow drivers. Ive now got my camping vibe going again and after a few nights off staying with my cousin in Hobart, getting ready, we are now raring to go to see what the East Coast has to offer. It has a lot to live up to 😀<<<<<<


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