Anticipation, the next trip

I find it both exciting and alarming, that in four days, we will be on the road again, a four-week trip around Tasmania the next adventure for White Coast Red Centre.


After returning from our half lap in late 2016, while Kath has enjoyed a few smaller 4wd trips, some recent camping and done lots of planning, I have done…well…nothing.

In complete denial about all things outdoors, my recollections of bashing in tent pegs, feeding porridge to birds and enjoying the great-outdoors, after 11 months again sitting in an office, has melded into the background somewhat.  I have therefore decided to just jump headlong into this little adventure, have fun, with no specific expectations.

With the dust settling from Christmas and New Year and the reality of taking time off work and packing my bags again this weekend, I have started to think more about this trip, which commences this Thursday with a drive through to Melbourne to board the Spirit of Tasmania for the passage to Devonport on Friday night.

There are a few things that will be a bit different

          We have purchased different camping mats, to try and make the ground feel a bit softer

          We have a different drawer system in the car, which Kath had installed a few months ago, hopefully removing the need to lug around tubs of goods and making food preparation on the road a little easier

          We are going to try a slightly healthier approach to our food, hopefully taking advantage of a few non-camping stops to keep up the cooking.  I expect this one might be challenged by the tempting food delicacies of Tassie!

          I am going to aim to maintain my daily stretching routine (yoga mat to be packed)

          I am going to keep a daily journal of this trip so I can write up some articles at the end of it.

          I will try and post weekly on the blog, to give you all some highlights on-the-road

          I will have my cameras charged and ready to go, but no expectations of prize-winners

A weekend of organising is winding up, charging, packing and planning and in just a few days it will be time to pack up Priscilla to explore another beautiful part of Australia.  We will have the spot-tracker activated again, so you will be able to follow our progress around the island from January 11th.  Follow us on the website or Facebook page….Counting down!



2 thoughts on “Anticipation, the next trip

  1. Good luck with it all and enjoy. tassie is beautiful. The roads are t bad either. I have driven around twice and loved every minute. Looking forward to seeing your photos.


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