Caravan and Camping Show – Sydney

We visited the Caravan, Camping and Holiday Supershow this weekend, with a list, a budget and a dream. Thankfully we managed to stick to both the list and the budget and the dream remains just that, but more ideas and options present themselves each time Sydney puts on this rather spectacular show, so it doesn’t hurt to think about what may be possible in the future.
Our planned purchases were focussed on fixing and improving some of the areas that we learnt from our first trip, mainly to set ourselves up for Tasmania next year. They included

  • A new stove option, which will hopefully cope better with the inevitable windy campsite. I doubt anything will be perfect if the conditions are too bad, but we are hopeful that the flames on the new stove will burn slightly longer and avoid the ‘tea-towel semi-circle’ that was required on one memorable occasion when trying to prepare a meal in the middle of a beach.
  • A new strip light. We have one that has been broken and fixed twice, so we now have a back-up, but this one attempts to cater for the moths to the flame, the insect invasion of campsite light, with a couple of settings and even a dimmer switch!
  • New crockery, minus the rust spots from our supplies that returned from the first adventure
  • A solar blanket – for capturing the sunlight and keeping Priscilla fully charged
  • And some more goodies for Priscilla, which I am sure Kath will write about and photograph, when they have been fitted and ready for testing.

We both enjoyed the show, particularly now with some knowledge and experience under our belt on the camping, travelling and 4wdriving, we were much more focused and in agreement with what we were looking for this time. I didn’t manage to convince on the purchase of the double level, large size, inflatable bed to replace my camping mattress though! Maybe next time!


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