Wildlife Encounters

Landscape and wildlife were at the heart of our journey last year. For every spectacular sunset, or subtle sunrise, there was a wildlife encounter or experience, on-road or at a campsite.

From those that were planned, in locations like dolphin encounters in Shark Bay, Western Australia, through to the unexpected and often fleeting, wildlife encounters across the states of Australia. Our wildlife did not disappoint.

These are my top 5 wildlife experiences that make me smile thinking about them

1. The frogs in the toilets. In the toilets, next to the toilets, at the toilet door, on the pathways leading to the toilets – different shapes, sizes and colours, but always an indicators you were ‘camping’ in the outdoors.

2. Whale watching on the Great Australian Bight. This was the second time I have been lucky enough to do this, and while the numbers were low and they were a bit far off-shore, these gentle giants of the ocean amaze me every time.

3. Kangaroo’s in Flinders Ranges. A vivid memory of our first 4wd track experience was the 100’s of kangaroos that joined us in a race alongside the car, bounding over fences, under fences and along-side us for the ride.

4. Monkey Mia – as well as the dolphins, that I would travel anywhere to see, there were also turtles and other bird-life on an amazing cruise we did one afternoon while staying nearby. Ocean wildlife at its best.

5. There are a few contenders for number 5. The lone echidna crossing the road, the snakes in the caravan park and the spider that decided to join Kathy on her lap one lunch-break. Quokkas at Rottnest Island with their smiley faces. I think it was the Emus with their chicks, running in front of the car along the sandy tracks while we explored South Australia that wins the number five spot though!

Do you have a favourite wildlife encounter from a trip in Australia, or anywhere? What Australian wildlife have you had the opportunity to see in the wild?

Image Credit – Kath Wood


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