Next stop…Tasmania

While we are busy planning and coming up with ideas for the longer-term, the shorter term is still important to us both.  After some deliberation, Kath and Susan decided to spend a month exploring Tasmania in January 2018.  These are the top 5 goals that we have for the Tassy trip (at the moment).

  1. To visit with family. Susan has relatives in Tasmania and is looking forward to connecting up with a few of them as time permits.
  2. To do some 4Wdriving (hooray says Kath)! Kath is in charge of finding some tracks and working out where we can get to and possibly connection us up with a tag-along trip if the timing is right.
  3. Sampling some local produce. I think this should be a goal for every trip really.  Sampling the homegrown produce and wines of the region as a great way to immerse oneself (and enjoy good food and drink!)
  4. Doing some photo shoots. Around 4 or 5 is the goal at the moment and Susan is in charge of finding some locations to visit and shoot at sunrise or sunset.  There are going to be many opportunities along the trip I am sure
  5. Producing a small travel e-book as part of the adventure. This is something that Susan has been talking about doing for a while and would like to start working on from the last trip – but setting the goal for the Tasmania trip might get me into action on this.

If there are any other suggestions from locals, travellers or family and friends, I am sure I can add to the above list very easily.


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