Being patient (or trying to be)

With the recent year passing (ie zooming by), since we left on our first half lap, thoughts are quickly turning to the next set of adventures.  Like the last time, there are things to organise, money to save and decisions to be made, and I admit for me, this is often the hardest part of journey’ing.
These are my top 5 steps for coping in the waiting periods

1. Start some high level planning.  We have recently purchased ‘Dream Books’ to start this thinking and planning.  Each weekend a little time spent on these gets the ideas flowing.

2. Don’t try and do everything at once.  Breaking down the ideas and trips into smaller and more achievable trips gives something to look forward while the bigger goals are under development.

3. Keep the budget in check, but not at the expense of living a fun life.  Enjoy the moment I think they call that!

4. Get fit and healthy and find a strategy to maintain this.  No journey I have done (or will do)n has benefited from feeling unfit or carrying too much weight.  I have yet to perfect this one but have made some good steps forward since returning last year.

5. And finally, remind Susan of steps 1-4 when she begins to digress into the world of unreality.   A little bit of creativity and imagination is always good, but it must be tempered with a good dose of reality as well.

Lorne, Great Ocean Road, Victoria


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