Our half lap completed!!

And it’s a wrap! Yes really…
205 days and 27,221kms we travelled, across 5 states, rain, hail, wind, sun and snow. What an amazing 6 1/2 months the 4 of us have had (including Priscilla Prado of course).

original_url: 036C9954-23D2-41EB-8EFC-5888C6F0CCE7
Cruising and dolphin spotting at Denham – Shark Bay

I will admit, it is hard for me to get my head around the fact that we have just completed our first White Coast Red Centre adventure! During the trip, I will put my hand up and say our blog posts were infrequent sorry, for a number of reasons, mainly time, internet access and headspace (we had so much to plan, see and do on the road). We tried to keep you up to date on social media and the spot tracker worked a treat for those who followed it to see where we went. Spotty went up in a few planes, over on a ferry, on a number of boats and hiked up a few hills along the trip…and came back in one piece..

Because there were many stories untold, I am currently thinking through a book idea, to put together a small momento of the trip, to capture some of the behind the scenes and stories and give you a few insights into the trip we have just completed. Stay tuned on that front and send me a comment if you have any ideas on what you would like to see (or know)!

Kathy has sadly left the Australian shores and returned to London to start her new job. Kath has also started back at her job this week after spending a frantic few days with me house-hunting.  We have just found a place for our next year in Sydney so there is still a bit of moving to be done. And then me, I am taking big breaths and I am somewhere between wanted to re-live all the photos, and stories and travels and adventures…and having to move on to find a job and settle down. Its a strange space, but one I have chosen to be in now, to live this crazy nomad life.

So for now, its a massive tick in the bucket list of ‘Do a half lap of Australia’ and a huge door opened to complete the second lap and possibly even tackle the full lap one day. We have an amazing country here, I thought it before, I know it now 🙂  Safe travels xx


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