Tent fashion

Since we left the tropical climes of Broome nearly 6 weeks ago, we have hit some rather challenging weather. Cold nights, close to freezing in my estimation, windy nights, gusting up to 35-40ks and rain both heavy and slow and persistant. I am sure Kathy sometime wonders if she actually left England! Our little tents have taken a battering some nights and as we hide in our little havens to stay dry and warm, we have uncovered some interestng and rather un-fashion conscious attire. In Karijini as the temperature dipped to the coldest of the trip the layers seemed to be the fashion of choice. Kathy won the prize with a count of 6 layers for one particularly cold night. Bed socks have sprung into fashion in all tents from soft and fluffy and tucked into leggings to long and warm and also tucked into (shorter) leggings. At last count we had 3 beanies 4 scarves, 2 snood, 4 pairs of gloves and this was before we all recently stocked up on thermals and sleeping bags in Perth during a rather costly, but necessary trip to Kathmandu. We thought the last few weeks were going to be a little warmer than they were and now we have hit winter on the south west coast, the extras will be coming out and we might need to take some time-out from the tents, at least until it warms up a little bit!


We have been super busy travelling many miles and so the blogs have dropped off but I am picking them up again now with the promise of weekly posts and observations. ;). Il leave you with a pic from one of our recent trip highlights, watching whales from the Zuytdorp cliffs at Steep Point.


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