Welcome Kathy to the adventure

Over the weekend we welcomed Kathy, straight off the plane from the UK, who will be joining us for the rest of our adventure, down the WA coast, through SA and across the great ocean road back to Sydney. Today we all setup camp at a local caravan park, took the car down on Cable Beach for sunset and generally eased Kathy (and ourselves again!) into the camping life. We have a few days in Broome to see a few more sights before we start the journey South on Friday. We all cant wait to get exploring and photographing.

Welcome Kathy.!!! 🍾 To help you adjust, these are some of our random observations of camping and camp life. I’m sure you will be able to add to this soon ☺

While spending some time in our tents recovering from the heat and or walks of the day during our Gibb River Road adventure, here were some random thoughts on the camping life. Feel free to add your own in the comments section!


  • There are a lot of ants in the camping world
  • Always check for snakes and frogs in outback loos and put the seat down afterwards
  • Birds get up early
  • Other campers get up early (and often go to bed early too)
  • Everything gets dusty
  • ‘Real coffee’ is a luxury worth spending $5 on
  • Cool breezes in the afternoon are fabulous
  • Every long walk must have a waterhole to cool off at
  • Getting things dry is challenging (including self)
  • Corrugations on the road are not fun
  • Morning tea breaks must have a view
  • Wasps will try and build nest using the mud on the car and they like towels
  • Dingos howl like dogs in groups often in the early evening
  • Men talk more than women at campsites – mostly about cars and gadgets!
  • Insects like lights… head torches and all
  • Putting up and down tents daily is knackering
  • There are a lot of stars on a clear night and you have to remember to enjoy them
  • Bush camping is not the same as a caravan park campground
  • People watch a lot of TV in caravan parks
  • Mozzies often come out at sunset when the flies go to bed
  • Generators are noisy but necessary
  • Tents can make good washing lines
  • Dusty clothes become the norm
  • Walking on slippery rocks or in the dark with thongs is not a good idea when you are balance challenged
  • Everyone has dinner really early
  • A comfy air mattress, sleeping bag and camping chair are mandatory
  • Termite mounds can be scarily big!


I am sure there are plenty more – we will check in with our new camper Kathy in a month to add to this list!


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