The Gibb River Road – Highlights 2

We recently completed an 18 day trip across the Gibb River Road in WA, travelling from Kununurra through to Broome.  These are some of the highlights.

Kath’s Highlights from the Gibb

Favourite Location

This is a hard one! Doing the Gibb River Road is one of those bucket list items, so the whole thing is a favourite location! But if I had to pick one specifically, then I’d have to say Manning Gorge. I loved the swimming hole near the camp site, the walk to the gorge was interesting (and quite challenging!) and then the gorge and waterfall were stunning. And another wonderful place to swim! What’s not to like?!


Favourite Campsite

I’m in agreement with Susan on this one, the campsite at Charnley River was lovely. So grassy and shady and with nice facilities and great company! I must say that El Questo came a close second, as the campsite there was excellent as well, with nice facilities, bar and restaurant and a lovely place to swim close to the campsite too (notice a theme?!).

FullSizeRender 4

Best Experience

And again I have to agree with Susan! But honesty there wasn’t anything that could beat the exhilarating helicopter flight over the Mitchell Falls. What a stunning place and an amazing experience.

mitchell falls 1

Least Favourite Experience

It would have to be burning my hand cooking dinner at El Questro. That and there was no cold running water to stick my hand under, I had to go up to the bar and ask them for some ice! Embarrassing… and no picture! 😉

Favourite Swimming Hole

So many to choose from! Bell Gorge, El Quester and Manning Gorge made the shortlist, but I think it would have to be Manning Gorge. I loved that you could get up to the waterfall and sit and swim underneath it.


Place for next time

We were definitely disappointed we couldn’t get to Mornington. We’ve heard some great things about it, so would love to go there. I’d also like to do the Munja track, which starts from Elizabeth Station. This looks like a pretty full on 4WD track and a great adventure!


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