The Gibb River Road – Highlights

We recently completed an 18 day trip across the Gibb River Road in WA, travelling from Kununurra through to Broome.  These are some of the highlights.

Susan’s Highlights from the Gibb

Favourite Location
From gorges and waterholes at El Questro through to the crocodile covered waters at Windjana Gorge, each location had its own unique appeal and while really hard to pick one favourite, the place that sticks in my mind was a short and spectacular stop at Branco’s lookout in El Questro.  After a short, steep 4wd ascent, we had this little gem of a spot all to ourselves with no-one else around, set set-up the chairs on top of a cliff and had lunch with a spectacular view.


Favourite Campsite
Our campsite at Charnley River rated high on all things that you need in a campsite, even though it wasn’t on our original plan to stop at.  It was lovely and grassy, with shade.  There was plenty of space and we met up with some fellow campers for a chat over a glass of rum on our second night, which was very enjoyable.  It also had a lovely swimming spot and some nearby gorges to explore during the day.


Best Experience
Hard to go past our helicopter ride back from Mitchell Falls, circling the falls and arriving back at camp.  This coupled with the views of the falls from the lookout following our walk to the gorge which was also spectacular.


Least favourite experience
This would be getting locked in the loo at Drysdale Station.  Luckily it was only about 8pm and I managed to raise attention and after an initial attempt at unscrewing the broken lock from inside, a kind man (possible from the property but not sure) kicked the door down for me to get me out after about 15mins.  And then I got in trouble for missing the washing and drying up!!

PS – no photo of this one thank goodness 🙂

Favourite swimming hole
The spectacular Bell Gorge was a hard rocky climb, but had the best swimming spot of the trip in my opinion.  Lots of swimming and less clambering over rocks, and even though there were plenty of people, it didn’t feel as crowded as some of the other great spots we were lucky enough to see.


Place I would put on the list for next time
Unfortunately we were not able to go to Mornington, which had great reviews and we also missed doing walks to Emma Gorge and El Questro Gorge due to the heat and the fact there was so much else to do in our time at El Questro – these would be my top places to try and get to the next time.

And finally, a special mention of my favourite food moments.  Scones with Jam and Cream at Ellenbrae station, worthy of two servings and THE best egg and bacon roll with coffee at Mount Barnett station on our way out from campsite.  Superb!

You can see our first album of photos here


3 thoughts on “The Gibb River Road – Highlights

  1. The vast vistas of the northern Kimberly are truly awe inspiring in their remoteness, majesty and sheer magnificence. I’m glad you experienced the wonder of a very special place where colour, rocks, rivers and waterholes meld into one giant scene, where everything is big, and the landscape diminishes but astonishes all who traverse its beauty. Your pictures are fabulous


  2. Great memories flooding black reading your Gibb River posts! I love this part of the world and we are so lucky to have seen it, aren’t we… only around 5% of Australian’s ever do apparently!


  3. The Gibb River Road is truly an epic part of the world, isn’t it?! Like you mention, Mornington is well worth a visit, and El Questro Gorge is fun, but pretty challenging. We didn’t do Charnley River though; there’s always more places than you can fit into a trip!


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