Northern Territory – part 1

Just over a week in the NT now and we have explored a bit of Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon. Such awesome landscapes, diverse and encompassing and full of vibrant colours. Hard to do it justice with the camera but here are just a few from the last week of walks and shoots.

Kath taking in Kings Canyon
Trees in the landscapes were my favourite

Palm Valley for a couple of nights was next with some great short 4wd tracks and a couple of walks. Just amazing scenery which continues to inspire and amaze.

Kath on the walk at Palm Valley
Cycad Gorge


While at campsite a few nights ago we were told by a ranger that there is some weather coming through next few days which could, if levels predicted result flood some of the roads and tracks so we have decided to play it safe and have a few nights in Alice Springs to check conditions and then hopefully continue some of the additional places next week, best not to get stuck in the middle of nowhere and after an hour or two of solid rain last night, I think the tents need a rest (and a clean) also! And it has continued raining most of today so we are glad we made that decision 🙂


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