Tent night life

It was 3:30am, I checked my phone. The pitter patter of canine feet on the ground cover outside the tent had my attention over sleep. The potential owners of the feet ran through my head. It could be a bird although it would have to be a fairly large one. The dogs from the other side of the campground, no they were in a travel pen. It must be a dingo!!

I heard the sound of velcro being tugged, he surely couldnt be trying to enter the tent. Then there was the shadow, small and mammal and close. Torn between making a distracting noise and keeping extremely quiet, I ran through the dingo emergency procedure for a clue on my next move, wait there wasnt one. I sidled off my camping mat, out of my sleeping bag and onto the camp mat, chosing to stay quiet. I still wasnt convinced it was a dingo, it had nothing to find around the tent, with all evidence of food removed and the water was sealed in large containers. And then as I pondered this, he coughed, like he had just inhaled the dust of the mozzie coil or gulped a small scrap too fast. It was a dog-like cough and with that, he moved on. I have no proof of the encounter and like the frog in the toilet in Leigh Creek there were no other witnesses but I know, that I heard the Yulara coughing dingo outside my tent that night!


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