Coober Pedy to the top end

We decided to spend a couple of nights in the opal capital of Coober Pedy to give us a chance to restock again and also see a bit of this interesting town. Our greatest lesson was meeting the owners of one of the jewellers in town, a 70 year old lady, originally from Greece, who along with her husband came over about 40 years ago to mine opal. They set up a jewellery business where they do the lot, iits now a family concern and we had a great chat to her about all things opal while purchasing a few pieces of jewellery!! We also did a self guided mine tour which included a demonstration of “blowing”  and then finished the day with pre-sunset trip out to the Breakaways, a national park with some more unusual landscapes.

Dog Fence, near Coober Pedy

Camping at Arkaringa station tonight, on route to Oonadatta and have just done a bit of a drive through the nearby Painted Desert – such fabulous scenery on this part of remote SA, I had no idea these landscapes were here.


A shor trip today, to camp at Hamilton Station before entering the national park tomorrow, short stop at Oonadatta for an early lunch with a visit to the famous Pink Roadhouse


Some fairly rough and slow going tracks today to reach Mt Dare with a stop at Dalhousie Springs for Kath to take a dip in the heated spring. A nice cider at the pub and a chat with one of the owners. And today we visited Lambert’s geographic centre of Australia and crossed the SA/NT border, within striking distance of Ayers Rock tomorrow!. Check out the Facebook Page for more photos from our trip up through SA and through to NT ☺


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