Lake Eyre

And finalIy a bit of internet….here are some updates from our time in Lake Eyre…
We arrived in Maree today after stops in Farina, Lyndhurst and the Ochre cliffs for some photos. Campsite is basic with a nice tent site but below average facilities. Was a warm afternoon setting up and the fly nets were extremely useful! Caught up on some washing and then headed to the Maree Hotel for some wine and a meal. The best spot in town it seems and they do a great schnitzel. A few nights here to explore before moving on. Pretty warm day today so a balmy night outside doing some catchup on the day and planning for the week before heading back to the tents.

Ochre Cliffs


There is no internet or phone in Maree, not many shops and not much open and it is pretty hot and flies are bad, there is also only one real track out to the lake which would be around 140k round trip which seemed a bit much so we decided to do some photo organisation and editing and have lunch in the hotel in the cool. Then took the cameras out for night sky shoot number 2. Left Maree today to continue heading north, interesting stop at Lake Eyre South, our first view of the lake – no water in south lake.


Priscilla at Mound Springs

Still no internet or phone connection at William Creek where we are based for 3 nights to do some exploring and also a flight over the lake and region. Looking forward to that. As the guy at the pub says.. this is the main street (ie the pub). Supplies of groceries available consist of milk…thats about it although you can get cold drinks and icecreams! Second day exploring the Lake with a drive to Halligan Bay and ABC Bay, both great lake salt encrusted viewings. Then onto a few other landmarks like Beresford ruins and lunch on the run with the flies. Amazing landscapes near the lake, lunar in parts, salt pans in others and lots of green yellow and red after the recent rains in the region.

Lake Eyre North from Halligan Bay

Amazing flights over Lake Eyre and Painted Desert this morning. More photos to come but so pleased to have a chance to view from the air. Glad we went this morning too as a big dust storm has just come through this afternoon… tent is a bit dusty!

Wright Air airport waiting for flight
Lake Eyre landscape
Lake Eyre North with water
Painted Desert

Great day topped off by meal at the pub with a few of the Great Divide group, including Vic and Ian who are visiting Lake Eyre and surrounds 🙂


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