And we’re off – Sydney to Adelaide

After finishing work on Friday the 18th, we spent the weekend packing, cleaning, moving things into storage and then finally starting to pack up the car.  We left the roof rack and final bits until the Monday morning to enable the car to stay under cover one final night.  On Monday morning we awoke to the sound of persistent rain and the Sydney weather decided to give us a final send-off, with pouring rain for most of Monday morning. So much of the packing and roof rack assembly was done in streaming, or light rain and luckily we got a small break to get the sleeping bags and mats tucked onto the roof rack.

Our journey from Sydney covered in total 1503km with 3 overnight stops, 2 in cabins and 1 with a friend of Kath for a night.


Our first stop was Gundagai, arriving early evening to some lovely light over the hills. We stayed at a caravan park near the river where it was very quiet, great for catching up on some sleep as we were knackered after the long day!  We left fairly early the next day to go to the nearby lookout, then going for a short walk through the town centre and seeing the famous Dog on the Tuckerbox, which was a bit further out of town.


A shorter drive then in the afternoon, to Killawarra, staying with Kath’s friend for a night of champagne, chicken and conversation.  Lovely comfy beds and time to chill with their dog, kittens and chickens.  Then it was on to Swan Hill, where we decided on another cabin to get a good night rest before the big drive through to Adelaide.  We only saw a little of Swan Hill – the main town – while Priscilla got a bit of a wheel balance and then a walk along the river near the caravan park.  It was a lovely caravan park, with a great café that opened early for coffee as well.

The landscape from Sydney to Adelaide was interesting, with quite a variety of colours and varying between hilly and flat; trees, scrub and grasses.  Our wildlife spots were one wombat on the side of the road – alive, but not interested in cars, many not so alive kangaroos and an emu that was possibly in someone’s back yard!  Only the start of much wildlife spotting I expect.  A little of the pretty Adelaide Hills on the final leg after crossing the border to SA late afternoon.


Final day covered just over 500kms, which we broke up with stops in Ouyen for petrol, Murrayville rest stop for a packed lunch and finally an afternoon bakery stop in Tailem Bend.  Arriving in Adelaide at my folks place just before 5pm, in time for a glass of wine and now a few days off over Easter.


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