Stockton Beach and other musings

To my constant disbelief, the month of January has almost passed by, and in record speed time from our perspective! We are pretty much at the tail-end of the planning now and while some of the last minute stresses and strains are starting to show physically and mentally, we are gradually working our way through some of the most important later preparation items including things like finalising the car fittings, working out packing weights and structure, more detailed route and location planning and budget tracking for on-the-road. We have now planned and booked our route to get over to Adelaide just before Easter, where we will be taking on provisions, doing a few day trips to ‘warm up’ and then loading up the car for departure to the first location of our adventure, Kangaroo Island in South Australia.

Amongst all of this, we managed a short weekend trip away in early January, undertaking a 1 day Stockton Beach sand-driving day with Vic and Alex from Great Divide Tours. It was a really informative and fun day, in what felt like scorching sun (probably only about 25 degrees but feels hotter in the sand-dunes), doing some sand driving, some testing of our new awning set-up, camping and of course a few sneaky photographs and video. This taught us a few things about some of our set-up as well as our loading and unloading process which is currently taking its toll on our bodies and so needs a few adjustments to be sustainable đŸ™‚

We also had a chance at Stockton Beach on the trip, to take a few pictures and enjoy the landscape after some very recent storms and rains in the area turned parts of the beach into a very scenic water spot. Water crossings at the beach were not really what we were expecting!

You can see a selection of our images below as well as some exclusive video footage from Kath’s new GoPro.

Taking our afternoon rest stopPriscilla does StocktonExploring one of the sand-dunesMorning lake stop

We also produced a map of the days driving using our spot tracker device. You will be able to tune into our website to see our progress when we leave in mid March.

Our route at Stockton Beach

If you have any questions or thoughts on our trip, we would love to you get in contact. Our email is, the countdown is nearly ready to commence!


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