Welcoming our new adventurer!

During our 7 months on the road, we are hoping to get the opportunity to share our experiences and to catch-up with family and friends at various stops along the way, and of course, share the journey with you all via our website and blog.

We think, that we both have travel souls, and over the last few years have met many people through our travel and photography who feel and think exactly the same way!

One intrepid friend, who Susan met during her time learning photography and her trips with Ocean Capture, has decided to join us for half of our journey. We are very excited to announce that our friend and fellow photographer, Kathy White will be travelling with us from Broome and experiencing and photographing the Australian landscape with us – its ok, we have three rooms in our amazing tent! Very excited to have Kathy joining us, you can find out more about her below and on our website…..

Welcome Kathy
Kathy is from the UK and loves travelling, scuba diving and photography. She has travelled extensively for the past few years, visiting over 30 countries and all the continents bar Antarctica, something she hopes to rectify soon! Her love for photography developed whilst living and working in Thailand as an underwater videographer and since then most of her travelling has been centered on photography, either above or below the water. After a brief visit to Perth in 2013, Kathy was planning to return and see some more of the beautiful Australian coastline so she was absolutely thrilled when Susan and Kath invited her to join them for part of their journey.
You can see more of her photography here www.kathywhitephotography.com and here www.kathywhiteunderwater.com.


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