Blue Mountains – a weekend journey

One of the many things I love about travel and photography, is being on a constant journey, even if only a weekend at a time. Exploring not only my surrounds, but finding the little connections and things that make it all meaningful and impactful for me.
Our recent visit to the NSW Blue Mountains was an opportunity to give the new car a run and explore a new landscape, literally less than a 2 hour drive from Sydney. It was in the end just a fleeting glimpse (with lots of walking) at the vast scope of this mountain and waterfall filled part of the country.
There was a lot of walking, with heavy camera bags, up hills and we both managed this quite well I thought – training commencing for a life on the road will take some efforts along the way. And we barely touched the surface of this beautiful spot, with a number of places catching attention for return and kilometres still to travel to see even more of the region. (trip planning will commence soon I am sure).
But, the treck (and it was a treck) up-hill to find a set of stairs named after someone with the same surname as me, was my definite highlight. I’d love to go back and walk the full walking track, but time is ticking and my priority now is to starting to plan the South Australian leg of our adventure next year. Taking in places I visited as a child, a teenager and an adult but this time with an open mind and a photographers eye – there will no double be some special spots on this journey!

Thought to be build in the 1900’s – the Furber steps were hand-carved with a hammer and chisel after land surveyor Thomas Furber received a government grant to conserve the area.


One thought on “Blue Mountains – a weekend journey

  1. D. knew of these steps but does not think they were inspired by a relative (not thoroughly investigated as yet).Must have been a bit surreal to see the name there – did you graffiti the sign, “{Susan Furber woz here” ) ?


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