Blue sky Broome

Blue Sky Broome

Last month we visited Broome for a week on holiday. It was my first time in the north of Western Australia – a place that Kath has been often to visit her Mum – so for me, unfamiliar territory and my first glimpse and experience of what the conditions will be like for the roadtrip next year in this part of Australia. We were blessed, on holiday with 25 degree + days, but photographically it cemented in my mind the challenges that a new country, new conditions and new landscapes will bring. Photographing in moody England was a mile away, and the closest experience I have had was Mozambique in Africa a great trip I did a few years ago – this was also the Indian Ocean so I could see some similarities.
Photographers always look for that amazing light, we had plenty of sun, but for the camera it was harsh and with no clouds in sight needed careful attention and filtering. Looking back at some of my images, there are shadows, sun spots and starkness everwhere…BUT there are also the most amazing colours and textures and potential of places and landscapes I just didn’t do justice. Therein lies a huge opportunity.
Broome was a fantastic and relaxing spot. Having now been there and seen the lay of the land, I am excited about returning next year, having had a chance to think about what images I want to capture in this little jewel of WA.
Our trip location run-sheet and planning has now commenced, and Broome and surrounds has a week of our time and attention – very much looking forward to that.
PS – on our last day, sitting at the Town Beach for breakfast we saw a small group of dolphins in the water. The guy sitting behind us (obviously a local) was saying to his companion it was the first time he had seen them in 30 odd years at this spot. That made it feel even more special – anywhere I find dolphins in the wild is a special spot..
Bring on 2016!


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