Health and Fitness for on-the-road

One of the things I have learnt over the last 5 years or so is the vital importance of fitness and health, especially when travelling. I distinctly remember my amazing Greenland adventure 4 years ago when I felt my lack of fitness for the conditions really let me down and made parts of the trip a struggle and more of a focus on keeping up than photographing.

As a photographer, exploring the best locations will often mean getting out of the carpark, and may include a hike, a walk on loose rocks or soft sand, or a treck up a hill. With a fair amount of kit to carry as well, being able to cope with these conditions and keep the energy levels high needs to be part of the preparation for a 6 month outdoor and active adventure in my thinking.

Moving country and changing routine has found me back in bad habits again pretty quickly and the weight has crept on again, so its time to refocus and prepare ahead for March next year. Everyone does it differently but my own goal is two fold and relatively simple really.

Health – reach my goal weight again
Fitness – tackle those hills!

I wont bore you too much, but will post monthly on my progress and talk more about the tactics I am employing. I am tracking my progress using my FitBit tracker for exercise and Myfitnesspal for weight. The basics are the key. Healthy food for energy and regular exercise incorporating inclines. I’m starting now so its a gradual but more of a lasting change.
This is my first challenge – incorporating fasting into my weekly routine. I first did the 5:2 eating plan a few years ago and it works!!. Its a mental challenge as well as a reasonably controversial way of going about things. Interested in any thoughts on this that the readers may have.
So for now, its keeping active and getting into a routine! Check back again on progress in August 🙂


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