Broome or bust

My bags are nearly packed, the furniture is sold and transported down the three flights of stairs to new homes.  In the last few days, Sydney has thrown traffic, thunderstorms, hail and now torrential and persistant rain in serious of parting gestures.  It’s time to head for warmer climes.  Plans for the first part of … More Broome or bust

Tasmania wrap

Tasmania was amazing. Diverse, natural and beautiful, all you can ask for in a location.  In case you have missed it, photos, experiences and updates can be found on the Facebook page as well as a link to wikicamps which shows the places we visited and our trip route. Driving back from Melbourne we talked about a … More Tasmania wrap

Week 1 in a flash

After smooth sailing on The Spirit of Tasmania, a good nights sleep and then a few nights to get sorted, we parted for our 4wd tag-along tour of the Tasmanian West Coast on Monday 15th January.  The trip, run by Mark from Tasmanian Offroad Adventures covered some of the most technically challenging 4wd tracks for … More Week 1 in a flash

Wildlife Encounters

Landscape and wildlife were at the heart of our journey last year. For every spectacular sunset, or subtle sunrise, there was a wildlife encounter or experience, on-road or at a campsite. From those that were planned, in locations like dolphin encounters in Shark Bay, Western Australia, through to the unexpected and often fleeting, wildlife encounters … More Wildlife Encounters